Victim’s Apprentice

There’s always faults.

YOU are to blame.

Intent assaults

Excuses lame.


There’s no remorse.

What can I do?

My lawyer’s course

Intent to sue.


Don’t have to try

I won’t regret

From loudest cry

The scene is set.


Ask not the rules

You didn’t read?

Fakes and fools

Have rights indeed.


My mind is clear

My solemn vow.

TRUST, my dear,

I own you now.


Your tear stained face.

Wheel chair on

In greed’s embrace

Absconding John.


Yes, you’ll get your due

Perhaps a brand new car?

So many likes of you

I’ll tell them where you are.













5 thoughts on “Victim’s Apprentice

  1. You make a good point here. Unfortunately, there are those vultures who stalk the innocent, and unwary, for sure. Some day, and some time, their greed and/or appetite for power are squelched.

    I suppose this is where What goes around, comes around fits the crime. Not only have people along the way paid the price, but many of them had no fault at all, in many cases.

    I’m reminded of the predators and lawyers who search for unknowing businesses to sue over such things as a mirror being an inch too high.

  2. hope you well….

    loved your participation in our communities..
    left behind in informing poets stuff…
    forgiveness is a way to relax yourself.
    take good care.

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