walking to school…

I woke up this morning revisiting my walks to school as a child. “Ahhh” I mused, this would make a beautiful blog post…BUT as my thoughts rolled along, they didn’t lay out in a tidy way but began to overlap. Soon, my mind became a busy train station of flash backs and I felt I had lost the single thread I wanted to talk about. So…here I am starting over with the images I woke up to and we’ll both discover where it takes me…

I grew up in a small mill town in Massachusetts. I still live there today. It is what locals call a “hill town”. It is nestled in the most beautiful place on earth known as the Berkshires. In the Berkshires, one lives on a hill or in the valley, that’s it. I lived on a dead-end street at the top of a “hill”.

I’ll talk about the tortuous uphill climb home from school  another time…for now it is all about the downhill walk to school.

The scene is exceptionally like that from To Kill a Mockingbird, except in colors bright. My favorite part of the 1/2 mile stroll was along Marion Avenue. I didn’t realize it at the time but that was where the rich folks lived. Ancient maple trees formed a tunnel as they held hands above the avenue. The side walks were familiar and riddled with frost heaves. Those heaves greeted me like old friends along the route. I felt I could have walked it with my eyes closed and never stub my toes.

You must ,by now, realize I have a romantic view of things in my memories. I kid you not,the next description it as accurate as I can muster without a photograph…

Trees held everything in place along my path. Even within a “stone’s throw” of the 3 story brick Brayton School, I was still in the forest. As I passed the final house (which had a white picket fence) I skipped downward toward a brook. Of course Autumn was the time for school so in my “mind’s eye” leaves danced along keeping pace with me. Their rustle a whisper to stop and play awhile.

A small wooden bridge, not easily visible from the street, kept the feet of school children dry across the brook. Then up a steep grade and under the most perfectly shaped maple tree of ALL. I remember it in full Autumn dress. It remained there, the first nature that  I touched on the way home and the last one who saw me right to the door in the morning.

There’s so much more to tell…another time…


4 thoughts on “walking to school…

  1. Funny, those pictures in our mind. I cannot remember how I got to school in the winter. My solitary walks are golden in color, crisp in feeling. Always solitary–I don’t know how all of the other kids got around.


  2. Super like this one- I could keep reading it forever it seems..
    Uphill climb- where was I? Atleast I would have kept myself well within the inches.. sigh..!!

    I would really love to visit there someday- if situations willing.. It doesn’t need any, but a pic or two would be lovely for greedy ones like me!!

    I love colors and bright ones at that.. wooden bridge, forest, picket fence- I envy you!!!!!!!!

    Why your romantic ideas are just what I could use for lazy mornings and to actually live in- AMEN.. 🙂

    Love xxx

    • Hope you are well my friend. DO find your way to the Berkshire Hills one day!
      A child’s “eye” never notices the power lines and traffic…wish I could see things as clearly today 🙂

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