The Island of Averflatty

Katherine stayed through supper time last night. We were entertaining ourselves by drawing fictional characters. Each of us added features. Then I asked her to name our creature and continued to ask her about its feeding habits, how it reproduced and if it were dangerous.

Here are some of her descriptions.

“The creatures are called Averflatties. They eat bugs and postage stamps. They used to live here but the bugs were gone all winter so they moved to an island. Averflatty Island it is now called. They sing a special song and their babies grow from red tulips and yellow daisies. When the babies grow big enough they pull their feet from the soil and walk around. The adults leave eggs buried, here and there, until they sing their song to grow more. They have electric lips that zap the bugs as they eat them. This could be dangerous to people. They also put sprinkle cheese on worms. This is gross to us but not to Averflatties.

Their language is tapping sounds made with their three fingers. They don’t have Game Boys because this is a story and I am making this up without exaggerating. They DO play Tic Tac Toe with imitation bug tiles. They play Connect Four with red and blue bugs. There are nice Averflatties and mean ones. You can tell by how many toes they have. All Averflatties carry hammers. This is true and they are not actors.”

I can’t wait to hear more! I’ll keep you posted 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Island of Averflatty

  1. LOL, “making it up without exaggerating.”

    “they pull their feet from the soil and walk around.” Wow, I can see it.

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