He must be important

Proud, strong and full of lust.


She builds, nurtures and carries.


Master of his world

Conquering and seducing .


Her life is dauntless and driven.


Bright colors and a posture perfect

Anticipating a fight…a war.


Within her beats the new life…miracles.


Been said, “Lonely at the top.”

He is waiting.


She remains to busy to notice…



41 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. I really like this poem. I love how you juxtaposed the male v. female mentality… If i didn’t know you were talking about birds, I would think you were talking about people. 🙂

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  4. I love the male/female bird thing – especially the lengths males go to to captivate a female!

    You depicted part of this delightfully in your prose and pictures. One up for the female methinks!

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