In a Former Life

Truly Happy

Dolphin Jump

I’ve always imagined that I would be a dolphin. Their existence has nothing to do with “things” but has everything to do with family and fun. To move through the world with such grace and so few worries would be paradise.

From what we know of them, I’d have a logical, inquisitive mind and an understanding of life itself. I believe they have a language and, in many ways, are kinder neighbors and better parents than humans.

No one would care about appearances…natural selection would have kept illnesses of all kinds to a minimum and issues like abortion, medical insurance and pensions would have no meaning.

I believe that dolphins can feel sadness, therefore, I believe joy is also a part of their life.

Yes, I would hope that in the eyes of Karma, being a dolphin would be a higher step to enlightenment and ultimate peace.

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