Autumn Haiku


Slow down my children.
The fertile summit is nigh.
Replenish in peace.


Alphabet Sestet: Stand Up

The dVerse Poets Pub prompt for today asked us to create a poem using 6 consecutive letters of the alphabet…an Alphabet Sestet.

May 2010 first soccer ever 004

Junk food tastes better
Knowing it’s forbidden.
Like trying harder when you’re told
Morons, like you, never succeed.
Not being a doormat
Only requires standing up.


Wonder is Nature’s

cropped-101_12521.jpgI’ve always wondered whether frogs felt relief knowing “winter sleep” is near or apprehension of the cold darkness they’ll enter. The relief would be on behalf of a much needed break from constant feeding and the avoiding of predators. Apprehension would be the more anthropomorphized option. Frogs don’t know that many of them will not survive the winter. They also are cold blooded so the winter cold is more unpleasant to human sensibilities than it would be to them.
Still, I’d like to know… but Nature’s Wonder relies heavily on her secrets.

What do frogs ponder?
They know all that they need.
Wonder is Nature’s.

OpenLinkNight #227

To Be Remembered…




To be remembered…
Leave footprints in the
Fresh sand of youthful wonder,
And seek wisdom found in
Questions you can’t answer .
Make memories on the
Pristine palette of a baby,
And explore forever with an
Eye on being present.
Eternity belongs to those
<Who stand out in a child’s life>
Etched in time and tradition,
You’ll be remembered.




Haibun Monday: Morning Remembers


The first light winked through the trees as she settled into her cozy place, no one could see her there … except for the “usuals” … mossy stump, the pebbled path, and mister raven, prompt and steady was the faithful feathered phantom even in his bachelorhood. Solitude’s not unkind, yet , she may feel a loss once he mates, perhaps… he’ll return for want of familiar peace — just as she will come, enchanted by unforgotten glorious mornings.

Treasured place be mine
Moments of new light alive
Morning remembers.


Poet’s Pub Prompt: Onomatopoeia: Grandma Style

Buzzing ’round the kitchen
whirling, then a crack!
Grandma had just landed
Boom! Right on her back.
The toddlers had been dancing.
They loved the boogaloo.
But Grandma got too giddy
And wiggle, jiggled too.
They whooshed in one direction
‘Til one just spun around,
Her arms waved in a flutter,
Then, grandma slapped the ground.
A flash of muffled silence
Turned POOF into a treat.
Grandma flipped a somersault,
And, landed on her feet!

Make “A” While The Sun Shines

Newman was unhappy,
He’d always gotten “A”,
Stomped in every puddle
As he trudged home in dismay.
It started on that morning,
His homework well prepared,
On his way to classes,
He suddenly got scared.
Reaching for his notebook
Is when disaster struck,
He’d left his study binder
Behind in Daddy’s truck.
The woe that overtook him
Was doubled by the rain.
The crack and angry thunder
Mirrored Newman’s pain.
His glasses had been steamy,
The pelting droplets stung,
He’d made it to the building
Just as the bell had rung.
The storm had made him careless,
His pride was ’bout to fell.
Would he ever be the same?
Time may NEVER tell.
He cried ‘like no tomorrow’,
A ‘stitch in time’ and fate.
To err was only Newman,
‘Tis better never late.