Adventures of Tiny Aaron

I’ve been playing with the text for the book.Here are some phrases.

Look there.
There is tiny Aaron.
Come now,Aaron.

He did not budge.
Want some fudge?
Come now,Aaron.

Hey! Don’t be fickle.
if you don’t move
I’ll have to tickle!

Now,this is whack!
Aaron move or
I’ll attack!

You must know.
I’ll get you to go,
With a big,big blow!

Come NOW Aaron.
This is a cinch.
I’ll just give him a pinch.

Don’t you hear?
What is wrong?
You can’t resist my super tongs!

Listen Aaron!
What I will do
Is simply step on you!

I cannot be beat!
Don’t you know it’s time to eat?

This is not fun.
If you are not quick.
I’ll be forced to use a finger flick!

You’d better stop being stubborn and smug.
Or I’ll just squish you like a bug!

I’m tired and I’m getting thin.
Tell me why you won’t come in?

Then the squeakiest voice
That you could ever believe.
“Are you talking to me?”
“My name is Steve!”

Where is Aaron?
I have to know.
“He went to lunch
an hour ago!”