Let’s be fair.

I was thinking about the movement for more inclusive fairness. You know? Fairness trumps other reservations these days.
I declare that anyone who applies for a college degree should get one. <<period>>
Think about it…
Many cannot afford the cost but are equally smart.
Most high level jobs require a college degree and, in fairness, everyone should have an opportunity for high level jobs. (We also know that a large number of college grads get jobs which have nothing to do with the subject matter that they studied in college.)
The time “wasted” getting a degree will be removed, so everyone can get to work and build their futures.
And most of all, every person should have the opportunity for the experience of getting a degree, shouldn’t they?
Yes! I think this is a great idea!
Oh, many will have reservations about this. Some will say, “No fair. You’re changing the rules!” Others will argue, college is an American institution and means more than a piece of paper.
Sorry. I could choose a course of study, and a library, and get it done. Home-schooling works very well. It’s possible you know and the fact that I learn differently shouldn’t matter. Besides…let’s be fair.
There may even be a few who claim that the large number of degrees will cheapen their own. Really? How could anyone else’s degree threaten yours?
Hey…we’ve changed many rules in order to be more inclusive…more fair. Fairness is the trump card and anyone who disagrees has, in my opinion, the weaker and less worthy complaint.
We could even have the people vote on it.
If the people don’t get, onboard, and want this to happen, well…we could have a higher court decide the matter and we know that they want fairness most of all. No worries.
Yep…I really think it could work and benefit many more people than ever. Who could really find fault with that?


Random Word Story 5- It’s Final

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park…bank…fairy tale…microbe…aerial

Here is my story:

Today, my fate would be decided. The arduous micro-biology class would be over by noon. The only , well first, time I’d found myself overwhelmed and I wasn’t liking that feeling. Schooling had always been easy for me. My mind not only contained endless questions but quite a collection of, now useless, answers too.

Dr. Grimm had been a surprisingly entertaining professor but his class was no fairy tale. His name was comically deceiving for sure. Collecting samples on the river bank had been a breeze but identifying every microbe was going to be my nightmare.

I rubbed my hands together briskly and whispered, “Let’s take a look, shall we?”

The scene through the microscope was oddly like an aerial photo of a traffic jam. Lifting my face, I decide to treat it, just as I viewed it. Each tiny element of life would be a vehicle. YES!  I can do this. I’ll organize a parking lot of sorts and be able to identify each make and model as I go.

As the clock clicked twelve, I was no longer a life-sized being and was frantically twirling in a scene only Isaac Asimov could describe.  My tiny car lot had only one “SUV” left to park safely in my ordered “garage”. It was not at all familiar and my eyes strained to get a better look.

Then the door to the SUV sprang open and out popped a little man who looked just like Dr. Grimm. He waved to me and spoke.

“Well, are you going to turn this in or is this where you’re spending Spring Break?”


I must have shouted out loud because Dr. Grimm was standing beside me repeating the phrase when I lifted my head.

“Oh, yes professor, I’m finished.”

I cringed at that word finished as I said it. In a few days, I’d learn whether I was finished or not.

The Movie That Moved Me

It’s about stones…

If you still have vivid memories of college?

If you believe rules need to be broken, now and then?

If you believe there is a value in every life?

…you will enjoy With Honors (1994).

This movie reinforced my belief that there is value in us all and it is not from our titles and accomplishments that we grow. Who we are and the values we treasure influence how we treat each other.

The character played by Joe Pesci was an endearing fellow.

His wacky view of this world mimicked my own when it came to stones.

I enthusiastically recommend this film!

You’ll laugh and cry and feel good all over!

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A family story

On the day that I was born something very coincidental happened, or was it?

My mother was married in June and did so with her father’s blessing only by promising to finish her approaching senior year at college.

Well, didn’t I just mess up that plan!

I was born on April 11Th of the following Spring after forcing my mommy to quit school because of severe morning sickness.( She does get her degree 18 years later, but this story is about me.)

My mother loved the name Susan and decided it was her choice of a girl’s name early in her pregnancy.

Heck, she had plenty of time to consider names after I ruined her senior year. By the way, the “rhythm method” does not work.

Well, you need to know that my grandfather had an Aunt Susan. She was not a part of my mom’s life and not the reason mom liked the name.

Now the creepy part starts!

Aunt Susan was an excellent artist.Grandpa later told me, that she could reproduce any famous painting that she studied. No other family member had any artistic leanings.

I was born at 6:59 am. What’s first thing any new mom does?

She calls HER mom.

After my mommy announced, my arrival, my grandma relayed her own bit of news.

She had JUST received a phone call. Great-Aunt Susan had passed away.

Goosebumps right?

There’s more.

I am the artist of my family. Neither of my siblings were gifted, just Susan.

As the theme to The Twilight Zone echoes in your brain, what do you think?

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