To Infinity and beyond… Child Care Fun


I couldn’t imagine a happier profession than mine.

As a child day care provider, I get to play with kids everyday. Ideas are my passion and kids have the BEST ideas!

Yesterday, two of my 4-year-old friends and I had a lovely discussion.
My first question was, “How might I get to the moon?”

Jasen: “You would need super shoes to jump up there.”

Me: “Where might I get those super shoes?”

Jasen: “At Super Walmart, of course.”

We discussed the moon further and decided that we would need a gravity suit and air tanks and a Super Parachute (available, also, at Super Walmart).

Me: “There’s too much to jump with. How might we get our supplies up there?”

Jasen: “We’ll need a truck!”

Me: “There’s no road to the moon. How about a rocket ship?”

Jasen:”Where do we buy a rocket ship?”

Me: “Scientists have them at NASA.”

With that problem solved, I moved on.

Me:”How do farmers plant seeds in their fields?”

Ava and Jasen: “They dig a hole with a shovel and drop in the seeds.”

Me: “That would take too long for a farmer to plant 500 seeds. How do farmers plant so many seeds in good time?”

Ava: “They ask 500 friends to come over and dig a hole.”

Me: :”That’s a great way to save time! Good idea. But, the farmer would need 500 shovels, wouldn’t he? I don’t think he can get that many at Super Walmart. It would cost a lot and the inventory(I explained what inventory meant.) isn’t that large!”

So, I introduced and  talked about tractors and planters and plows.

Me:” Now, how will the farmer water her seeds?” … Notice the gender change 😉

Jasen:” She can get a hose.”

“Me: “I don’t think that there are hoses long enough for big fields.”

Ava: “I know! It will rain sometimes.”

Me:” Super Ava! That is what the farmers hope for. On a rainy day, remember that the farmers are happy.”

Jasen: “What if there are puddles?”

Me: “You are right, Jasen! Sometimes, there is too much rain and the farmers hope for the sun to come out to dry up those fields. Last Spring, my uncle and cousin, couldn’t drive their tractors on the muddy ground. They were very worried. Boy, farmers really need to count on the weather, don’t they?”

Our conversation progressed through the steps that produce takes to reach their dinner table. During the discussion, we realized the need for refrigerator trucks too.
We had one great afternoon!

What fun it is to be an early childhood educator! I get to witness that wide-eyed wonder every single day along with many opportunities for chuckles. 😉

Today? Well, we’ll see what comes up. It’s going to be fun!


Classic Comedy~ Spaceballs


If you are a sci-fi fan,there’s a good chance that Spaceballs is a comedy favorite in your library. This Mel Brooks classic is a personal favorite and one of the most, campfire-side chat, quotable films likely to produce “spit takes” while sipping on beer. If you enjoy “spoofdom”, this is a must see. Rick Moranis is hilarious but the cast also includes, the immortal, John Candy. This movie is not for children because it contains some adult language and humor. I’ll let the sampling of scenes, below, speak for themselves.

Simply Silly

Some people break into song to lift their spirits.

Some people enjoy meditation.

I prefer the underrated and shameless art of silliness.

Kids respond to silliness so much better than adults. I like kids. They are seldom caught looking over their shoulder, wondering who may be watching, before enjoying a silly moment.

Tools for the sillies vary. I think rhyming works well. The kids and I have wonderful fun while teasing each other in rhyme.

Once rhyming “kicks in”, it takes over, and giggling happens. Who doesn’t enjoy giggling?

Yesterday’s best: “That baby is peeking. Hope his diaper’s not leaking.”

Have a great weekend, my friends.


If you forget to be silly…then you’re over the hilly…don’t be a nilly…Just say I willy.

Keeping Kids Creative: Book Spine Poetry

With the invention of the TV remote control came a game that we (my kids and I) have played for years. It was to channel surf for funny composite phrases. We’d start on one channel and change the channel in the middle of a phrase. Sometimes, the next channel had someone finish the phrase with hilarious results.

Well I just happened on the art of Book Spine Poetry. I know…everyone else already has heard of it. I had not. So for the two or three folks who will find this enlightening, I’ll continue. 😉

This activity requires one to stack books in order to create a meaningful phrase from their titles. Here’s mine:

Besides giving you a quick view of a sample of my library, these titles created a message. Cool huh?

On your next visit to the library, consider having the kids stack a few funny phrases. Take your camera and record them too. I know I’ll be having lots of fun in the children’s section myself!

PS: Please replace all books where they belong on the shelf. Librarians will be hunting me down if you do not! 🙂

Random Word Story #24- The Coffee Shop Caper

Setta,japanese-leather-soled-sandals,japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Random words generated by

Here’s my story from random words.


It appeared that the bloody sandals were all that remained of the unknown victim. The grizzly discovery was near the dumpster of the Dunkin’ Doughnuts that occupied the corner opposite the new Starbucks. It was 7:45 am so crowd control was a nightmare. The police officers had been stopping on their usual rounds of the coffee shops. A stereotypical event for sure.

There had been a wave of panic in the small city after it had been shaken to the core with two murders in two days. Officer O’Malley (yes stereotypical) barricaded the area with his 260 pound , mostly muscular, body.  He waved at civilians, some in pajamas, and shouted for them to keep their distance. There was great power in his baritone voice.

“This is a crime scene folks! Stay back!”

In the meantime, the workings of the coffee shop continued unabated. Even the screams of the elderly bag lady who discovered the shoes had not risen above the din of fans and pans in the bake shop. So when Maurice swung open the back door with an armful of junk, he visibly jumped from the start that the scene gave him.

Officer O’Malley appeared beside him.

“Maurice, you’ll have to stand back inside. We have detectives about to arrive. ” He pointed to the ground a few feet away. The sandals had already begun drawing flies. They were sticking to the coagulating redness.

Maurice pressed on. He had work to do. They danced from left to right until Maurice took an opportunity to dip beneath a bulky arm.

After depositing the junk in the dumpster he scooped up the sandals. He raised them to his nose as a collective gasp and one wretch of nausea came from spectators.

“Yup, strawberry.”

He tossed the sandals back to the ground and re-entered the shop abruptly slamming the door behind him.

A taxi blaring an impatient horn was the only sound for miles. Then pockets of snickering ending with a back slapping roar as the misunderstanding became clear.

About 20 minutes passed before O’Malley, still red-faced, sauntered to the counter on the inside. Maurice shouted, “The usual 3 strawberry cremes and a decaf?”

The officer looked at his shoes as he whispered,” Make it a croissant today, will ya?”

Random Word Story #22-The Maine Event

A Raccoon at Cologne Zoo Français : Un Raton L...
A Raccoon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My mission is to create a story in one brief sitting from random words.

Random words were generated by


Here’s my story:

The feud between our families had gone on since before I was born. The Helmann family and my own family, the Wells , had disputed the right-of-way adjoining our properties on the quaint and quiet Maine lake. Both occupied part of the unused parcel and had become so comfortable, that they each felt entitled to it.

In Maine, folks hang their trash cans on chains with bungee cords. This keeps the “bandits of the night“,raccoons, from dumping the contents and creating the mess that most tourists find in the morning.

On one particular morning, my father came in to our cabin all red-faced with the morning paper tucked under his arm.

“Gosh darn ’em! Merle Helmann is up to his tricks again. There’s garbage all over the car port. Tin foil everywhere!”

“Chase, why would Merle do such a thing?”  My mother always played the peacemaker.

“That trash can could not have been taken down by coons unless they have started using a parachute to get at it!”

“How do you know that Merle did it?”

“There was one of those fancy imported sardine cans in the pile…that’s how. Helmann left it as a calling card. I’ll fix him.”

Dad stormed out with his Yankee cap pulled so tight that I couldn’t see his eyes. THIS was a bad sign. Merle Helmann was a Red Sox fan.

Merle denied any messing with garbage cans and called Dad a “kook”. Dad was silent all day but went to bed with an evil grin on his face.

Very early the next  morning, I was awakened by a fist pounding on our back door. There stood Merle in his boxer shorts and Red Sox cap.

“Chase Wells…you SOB! I’m going to report you to the government! Putting garbage in a mailbox is a federal offense. I know it was you ‘cuz the JC Penny flier had your name on it!

There came a screech from the car port that same instant. At first, I thought ole Merle had finally flipped his lid.

Dad and Merle both ran wide-eyed to the scene. I remember it was funny to see them running in identical blue plaid boxers.

They found a raccoon caught in our new trellis. Dad had put it up beside the garbage can for the clematis that I’d given Mom for Mother’s Day. Our garbage can was on the ground and yesterday’s trash too.

In the excitement, the animal broke free and raced off.

Dad apologized to Merle for the misunderstanding but I know he didn’t mean it.

“Well, now we know how the raccoons beat the bungee cord. Sorry Merle. Maybe I can stake out your yard with you tonight so we can figure out how they managed to get into that mailbox.”