Within Reason 2: A Conservative Opinion


Tulips (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New England, and anywhere, where the seasons change, is a place which offers a microcosm of life in general. The lessons learned in this climate, are quite valuable to those who recognize them.

Again, my conservative leaning is influenced by Nature. My own opinion of  liberalism is that it is weighed down by a too generous amount of emotion and ,in their extremes, both liberals and conservatives are inhibited by their own opinions that they somehow know exactly what is correct. Knowing everything definitely puts a hitch in the listening and learning and the solving process, no matter who you are.

When we consider a surgeon for a delicate corrective surgery. We do hope that he/she cares about the patient but I would have a great deal more faith in one who was cautious and analytical than one who was moved to tears at the sight of blood or the anticipation of pain. Some people might translate the surgeon’s calm as evidence that he/she didn’t care but calmness and forethought are necessary for success and the assumption that the finely tuned surgeon doesn’t care has no merit. Also, as much as anyone wants the operation to be over and the healing to begin, no individual wants the surgeon rushing through the procedure.

In New England, we learn how quickly change happens. The New England gardener/ farmer has to plan ahead because they’ve suffered every time they have gotten caught up in one season to the point of not preparing for the next.

Do overs just don’t work as well as preplanned, especially in Nature.

I noticed some lovely outdoor tulip pots at a local supermarket, a few days ago. They contained forced tulips for the gardeners who hoped to have a lovely spring garden but did not plant bulbs the previous Fall. I remember the Fall assortment that was passed by while folks were planning for Halloween. Those who did buy the bulbs are now casually passing by those forced tulips with a confidence that their garden has the better chance of success. The people buying up the potted tulips want a tulip garden, just as much, as the bulb planters but the forced tulips are counting on events beyond anyone’s control for their success. The weather must warm, the plants must adapt and the ground must soften. Timing is critical to the success of this year’s tulip garden for the unprepared. I want everyone to have gardening success and I’ll bet the gardeners with the potted tulips will be unhappy if things don’t work out. Personal responsibility is owned by those bulb planters and cry, as the late gardeners may, many won’t understand that they had had other choices.

Wanting success is everyone’s goal but setting ourselves up for success takes a calm, analytical approach and the firm belief that just wanting something does not outweigh the power of figuring out how best to get it.


Halloween Memories

I have always loved Halloween!

The smell of damp leaves comes to mind, as well as, candle scorched pumpkin “meat”.

We roamed our neighborhood, after dark, passing one hundred  kids doing the same. As we grew older, and went farther, we carried pillowcases to fill with treats. The homemade treats were wonderful!  Candied apples a favorite. One neighbor served cinnamon doughnuts and apple cider.

A breeze was common,  animating our capes and fancy dresses as the dry leaves danced along beside us. Once in a while, they’d lift in a tornado-like whirlpool.

Most of our costumes were homemade, with a few store-bought props. Pirates, ghosts and princesses were very popular. When guessing the kids behind the masks, it was easy if you knew the family sizes and ages. Each group could be identified by their “relative” heights.

The evening was far from over upon the return home! There was much sorting and trading to do. All the Fifth Avenues were for Dad. I got the Three Musketeers!

There was one candy hoarder in every family! My brother held on to his longer in order to dangle them in front of his sisters who had been extra generous and sugar hungry. Makes me laugh to think he had candy until Christmas…our stockings made the “treat hoarding” game moot.

Yes, I think Halloween was my favorite holiday as a kid!