Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

(Click on photo to enlarge.)october 2011 078This is a photo of my dear, departed, neighbor, Cooper. Every morning, this handsome fellow, used to look into my back porch, through the door window, until I would notice him. We had a ritual of a hug and a dog treat. I believe he enjoyed them both, equally.  Miss you old friend.


A Window in my World

Window in my World


All that I hold dear

A vision crystal clear


My mirror , yes I see,

Observing all of me


It’s where I press my face

Embrace a happy place


Of past, the sights abound

Uniquely mine, with sound


Memories make me whole

Prisms of my soul


Look out to see inside

Historic times the guide


Familiar is the pane

Dotted with some rain


The scene gets brighter still

Upon my windowsill


Your window holds each clue

There’s  only ONE  of you.